you need to learn code…

by Richard Riehle

code-color-1This strikes me as one of the unstated problems with the modern world. We live in a global economy which is becoming more and more dependent upon computers, internet, and software. In a vaguely related situation (i.e. post Gutenberg), almost every person who had access to literacy (i.e. learning how to read) did so, in that books were coming onto the scene, and the written word was becoming one of the hallmarks of western civilization.

We live in a comparable scenario, where instead of basic literacy; there is a growing need for most people to become aware of what software is, and to try it out. This comparison starts to fall apart in that merely learning how to read was an active experience, albeit lesser than writing. Now in our world the action of using software has become as ubiquitous and simple as to defy the notion that this is some sort of tangible skill. The gap between the haves (those who write code) and the have-nots (those who can’t…end users…) is growing.

In a related manner, the growing world economic engine also will be demanding more and more language skills form more and more people. These are similar concepts…learning computer languages or human languages…and Americans are starting to fall behind.

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