is this a harbinger of doom for colleges?

by Richard Riehle

Angkor_Wat_ruinsIf you have ever considered a few rather obvious questions, such as:

· With the competitiveness of the global market increasing, with the rapid changes in technology and our society…just how well is a traditional liberal arts degree serving new graduates as they enter the workforce?

· Are college tuitions increasing so rapidly as to price themselves out of the market, except for the fact that they have a monopoly upon almost all education past high school… What is happening here?

· There are a growing number of online courses available for traditional high school and college students. As a matter of fact, there are rapidly increasing amounts of what are essentially the same things available online for free.

· In a world where you could very well expect that the rigor and focus of secondary education would have been increasing over the years…instead of most likely the converse.

· With these broad questions still unanswered, just how long with colleges and universities keep a hammerlock on the accreditation of students…

· There once was a time where (for most students) a college undergraduate education was a rite of passage, where the level of effort needed to get a degree meant something, as well as helping to develop some adult responsibilities in their graduates. This is still true for an ever dwindling number of students, but certainly not the majority…

In any case, a perusal of some of these links may give you some cause for thought…maybe things are already changing!

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