IPhone photography

by Richard Riehle

One of the interesting advantages to having an iPhone is that it has a camera, and even more importantly, you can load some photo editing apps onto this camera. As a consequence I see that the iPhone (camera) has a potentially special role in furthering artistic photography.

There are plenty of very good, very accurate digital cameras out there. This has led to a boom in people taking what are (as I see) some incredibly high resolution, color corrected, multi-megapixel snapshots… In essence, just because you have a high quality tool, it doesn’t mean that the results are worth looking at (in their high resolution glory).

The iPhone (camera) is only 3 mega pixel (at least in my ever aging 3GS), and it does not have any special tools, exposure control, or even a decent zoom. This simplicity can be quite a dose of freedom, in that you only have to use your eyes, then point and shoot. There are some means to edit your shots on the camera. This is possibly a revolutionary advantage in smart-phones in general; this changes the action to taking a photograph, into a potential multistage event.

I have several apps I use, I can take HDR photos, and I have I have a couple photo editors (such as a slimmed down (freeware) version of adobe Photoshop). I have two different apps which allow me to take panorama photos.

If you add in my ability to upload all of my shots to my Picasa Web Album (via another iPhone app), there is little else I need for a camera (other than a tripod mount…which I have used…once).

Here are a few links to showcase some other iPhone photographers works, and some resources in this new lofi means to capturing the world around us:

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IPhone photography


Finally, if you are really interested, I have a Posterous Photo Blog of a few of my random shots in the last couple of months (on the menu bar above…).