iPhone local hotspot

by Richard Riehle

Other than the arrival of the iPhone 4 a few months ago, the online news about iPhones has been pretty quiet…that is, until the arrival of Verizon as an iPhone carrier. With this news, there are plenty of interesting advances upcoming in future OS updates. Foremost of these (in my mind) is that within a couple months the iPhone will be able to natively host a hotspot (for what appears to be…up to 5 devices?).

iphoneThis will almost certainly impact iPhone 4 users on the Verizon network, and I can’t imagine that AT&T will sit on their hands. There is some potential that either of these telecoms may find some way to monetize this new advantage (I lean toward the paranoid end of the spectrum regarding how these giants operate, and am usually right…sigh). But there is a chance that this will only use up whatever digital data usage you are paying for already.

This sounds like an interesting application for an iPhone, especially for those who live in 3g or 4g environments. Since I live up in the woods of northern Minnesota this is a problematic ‘advantage’.

Beyond this addition, there may be some upgrades in better adoption of gestures in using the iPhone screen as a trackpad, and if you have the Apple TV box, these iOS devices might become remote controls (this should affect the iPod Touch too!).

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