Go-to bags…

by Richard Riehle

go-bag-2-headOver the last decade I have been incrementally becoming more and more mobile…at least with regard to computers and the internet. The changes in personal technology have allowed me to progress from being tied to a desktop computer system-through a variety of laptops-to my current set-up (a little NetBook, an iPhone, and an iPad). Every one of these steps I have taken forced me to carry increasing amounts of ancillary gear (extra cables, batteries, AC converters, and even an external drive for a while).

I think that I am starting to get on top of these personal network accessories (i.e. sometimes I see these things as a digital boat anchor)…

From the few links I have on this topic, you should be aware that the term go-bag has far more paramilitary connotations than what is essentially a geek bag I carry. For this post I’ve used the term go-to bag (a slight riff on my ancient background in the BASIC language), as well as to differentiate this topic form those people who are looking for Tactical SWAT gear.

In any case, these links may give you a few ideas…

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